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Simply the BEST way to protect your High Horse Power block from cracking!!! The Cylinder Support System is a proven method of strengthening open deck engine blocks while maintaining OEM integrity. It prevents cylinder cracking, walking, and bell mouthing. Unlike traditional aftermarket cast iron sleeves, the support ring is made from aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum.

This material will actually pull post combustion heat away from the chamber, decreasing intake charge temps, unlike thick cast iron which tends to heat soak because of poor heat transfer properties.

No Sinking - No Leaking - No Mainline Distortion - No Overheating

The Cylinder Support System process is NOT to be confused with the industry known “blockguard.” Why? Because it does not rely on the loose tolerance and taper(draft angle) of the factory casting. The Cylinder Support System process involves precisely machining the water passage, to accept our precision machined billet 6061 support rings. Our precision fit gives equal support pressure around the cylinders from the top of the support ring to the bottom of the support ring. Even the most finely filed/sanded blockguards cannot compete with the precision of our high quality CNC milling machines.

Strength – Quality - Proven Results – On-time Delivery - Low Cost


- BMW N54 $795

-Chevy Ecotec LNF $495

- Dodge Caliber SRT4 $395

- Ford EcoBoost 2.3L $625 (includes welded brace on front of block to help prevent non-css related cracking)

- Ford 3.7L V6 (Cyclone) $895 

- Ford Gen1 EcoBoost 3.5L V6 $895 

- Ford Gen2 EcoBoost 3.5L V6 $895  

- Ford EcoBoost 1.6L $395

- Honda/Acura NSX C30 $895 (1000wHP rated)

- Honda/Acura B18, B16  $350 (700wHP rated)

- Honda/Acura B18, B16 High HP CSS $420 (800wHP rated. Orings are strongly recommended)

- Honda/Acura K20, K24 $350 (800wHP rated)

- Honda/Acura K20, K24 High HP CSS $420 (900wHP rated. Orings are strongly recommended)

- Honda/Acura K23 $350 (700wHP rated)

- Honda/Acura D15, D16,  D17 $350 (600wHP rated)

- Honda/Acura D15, D16,  D17 High HP CSS $420 (700wHP rated)

- Honda/Acura L15B, L15A $350 (600wHP rated)

- Honda/Acura F22, F23 $350 (700wHP rated)

- Honda/Acura F20B $350 (700wHP rated)

- Honda/Acura F20C, F22C $350 (800wHP rated) (FRM cylinders require dry cast iron cylinder liners to run standard forged pistons or special coated pistons)

- Honda/Acura H22/23 $350 (700wHP rated) (FRM cylinders require dry cast iron cylinder liners to run standard forged pistons. Pricing can be found under services)

- Honda/Acura R18 (700wHP rated) $350

- Honda/Acura Jseries V6 $895 (1000wHP rated)

- Honda/Acura B20 $350 (NO GUARANTEE!!! Unfortunately even the CSS can not reliably strengthen the poorly designed B20 cylinders)

- Hyundai/Kia  2.0L Theta I4 $395

- Hyundai/Kia G4FJ I4 $395

- Hyundai 3.8L V6 Lambda $895

- Mitsubishi  4B11  $395 (800wHP rated)

- MiniCooper N14 $395

- Nissan QR25DE $395

- Nissan VQ35, VQ37, VQ35HR, VQ37VHR $895 

- Sea-Doo Rotax 3cyl PWC 2002-2005 GTX RXP RXT WAKE  $395 (email to verify application)

- Ski-Doo Rotax 3cyl 1171cc $395

- Subaru EJ25 $595

- Subaru EJ20 $595

- Subaru FA20 $695

- Suzuki Samuri G13A $395

- Toyota/Scion  2AZFE   $395 (700wHP rated)

- Toyota/Scion  1ZZ  $395

- Toyota/Scion 2ZZ $395

- Toyota/Scion  1AR/2AR $395 (700wHP rated)

- Toyota/Scion  1AR/2AR HighHP (Proven to handle 1000hp in the RockStar FormulaDrift Toyota) $495 

- Volvo 850 5cyl $595 (price includes our method of filling slit between cylinder)

- Volvo S60 5cyl $595 (price includes our method of filling slit between cylinder)

- Yamaha 998cc 4cyl PWC $395 (email to verify application)

- Yamaha 998cc 4cyl Snowmobile $395 (Apex GT block)



Additional Services

  • Honda 4cyl Bore&Hone, Deck, Jetwash $350 (We do not offer honing of stock bores with OEM cylinders. Oversize pistons only)
  • Honda 4cyl Shortblock assembly $625 (Includes a full set of Coated Race Bearings and Crank Micropolish) (Other applications CALL)
    • Original OEM Mains are required for us to assemble a shortblock unless otherwise specified.
  • 4cyl Deck $75
  • 4cyl Jetwash $75
  • 4cyl MicroPolish Crank $75
  • 4cyl Inline Oring Block $200 (requires deck service)
  • Balance Full 4cyl Rotating assembly $395 (Crank, Pistons, Rods, Flywheel, Pressure Plate and Crank Pulley)
  • Balance 4cyl Rotating assembly $295 (Crank, Pistons, Rods)
  • Dry cast iron cylinder liners for FRM cylinder blocks (H22,H23,F20c,F22c ect..) $850 (includes bore&hone, deck, jetwash)
  • 6cyl Services also available!! email Jeff for pricing. (

Turn-Around Time:

  • 4cyl CSS ONLY 2weeks or less (NEW applications 6+ weeks. Call for more info)
  • 4cyl CSS + finish machine work 4weeks
  • 4cyl CSS + finish machine work + short block assembly 5weeks
  • New application 6-8weeks

We pride ourselves on having a near 100% on-time track record!! The turn-around times listed are what we consider MAX times and are the same in busy times and slow times.

Shipping instructions:  

(Typical shipping cost for a bare 4cyl block is $60-$95 within the lower 48States)

Make sure you inspect YOUR block before shipping. We do not include a full inspection of YOUR block when performing the CSS process. Most important thing to check is if you have a cracked cylinder.!!! Wipe down cylinder and use a flashlight to see any potential hairline cracks.

Strip down the block completely. We only need the bare block. No Mains, No Plugs, No Sensors ect. (unless we are do the shortblock assembly)

This will also keep the weight down for shipping. HomeDepot, Lowes or U-Haul sell boxes. You can use a 14 x 16 x 20 or bigger box. Make sure it is a double wall box. Old boxes, bubble wrap or the 1” thick hard pink exterior insulation from Home Depot or Lowes will work. Whatever packing you use.

Make sure the motor is not free to slam around. DO NOT use peanuts. Tape box securely making sure the bottom has lots of extra tape.

IMPORTANT!!!!  We send all packages “NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED” unless instructed otherwise. So, it is YOUR responsibility to know your surroundings and if you need to add signature required to the return label. If you require a signature, then add that to your note in the box or make sure you send an email to We absolutely will not cover any cost if package is stolen or misplaced if signature required is not requested. If you choose signature required and the package gets sent back to us, we will not absorb any of the costs involved and will add all additional fee's to your invoice.

Email: for pictures how to box a block using Home Depot goods.


Even though we have most likely spoken I don’t want your order to be delayed because I didn’t remember something.

Please put a note IN THE BOX with the following info! Emailing same info to is also a good idea.

1) your name

2) return address

3) e-mail address

4) phone number

5) paypal email (if you do not have a paypal, we also accept money order or certified check. Must contact us for total cost before sending MO/CertCheck)

6) services requested

Shipping and Contact Info:

CNC Werx
63 Route 125 Unit4
Kingston, NH 03848

GUARANTEE: If you crack a sleeve within 1yr at or under 500wHP 4cyl or 750wHP 6cyl. We will reimburse the full price of the CSS process. Specific engine blocks do not qualify for this HP rating guarantee. If an engine does not qualify, it will be posted next to the application in the list above.

Guarantee rules:

1) Customer must provide CNCWerx with the vehicles set-up, a dyno sheet and tuner info.

2) Guarantee does not cover cracked sleeves due to catastrophic failure (i.e. dropped valve, broken rod ect)

3) Guarantee covers the original owner and is not transferable.