Cylinder Support System

Simply the BEST way to protect your sleeves from cracking while eliminating the potential of sinking or leaking sleeves, which can cost thousands in shop labor to repair, even if sleeve repair is free!! The CSS process varies from the typical industry known “blockguard” because it does not rely on the loose tolerance and taper of the factory casting. We actually machine the water passage to a precise dimension to accept our support rings. This means there is 100% contact, along with equal support pressure around the cylinders and from the top of the support ring to the bottom of the support ring. Even the most finely filed/sanded blockguard can not compete with the precision of a 3axis cnc milling machine. The CSS support ring is designed for maximum support while maintain superior cooling characteristics.


– Honda B18, B16, K20, K24, D16, D15, D17, F22/23, H22/23, F20b, R18 $325

– Honda B20 ( Lower 400wHP Guarentee) $325

– Honda Jseries V6 $895

– Mitsubishi 4B11 $395

– Ford EcoBoost 2.3L $495

– Ford EcoBoost 3.5L V6 $895

– Scion 2AZFE $495

– MiniCooper N14 $395

– Suzuki Samuri G13A $395

– Dodge Caliber SRT4 $395

– Nissan QR25DE $395

– Sea-Doo 3cyl – Yamaha 4cyl $395 (call to verify application)

More Applications Coming Soon!!!!!!!

Additional Services
4cyl Bore&Hone, Deck, Jetwash $350 (We do not hone for stock bore pistons. Oversize is always recommended to ensure roundness and proper piston to wall)
Honda 4cyl Shortblock assembly $575 (Includes a full set of Clevite or ACL Coated Race Bearings and Crank Micropolish)
4cyl Deck $75
4cyl Jetwash $75
4cyl MicroPolish Crank $75
4cyl O-ring Block $200 (requires deck service)
Balance 4cyl Rotating assembly $395 (Crank, Pistons, Rods, Flywheel, Pressure Plate and Crank Pulley)

Cooling: The support ring is made from 6061T6 aluminum which has heat transfer properties which far exceed that of Ductile Iron or Water(i.e. stock block) dramatically reducing combustion temps, lowering the potential for detonation.

Shipping instructions: (Typical shipping cost for a bare block is $50-$80 within the lower 48States)
Strip down the block completely. We only need the bare block. No Mains, No Plugs, No Sensors ect. (unless we are do the short block assembly) This will also keep the weight down for shipping. HomeDepot, Lowes or U-Haul sell boxes. You can use a 14 x 16 x 20 or bigger box. Make sure it is a double wall box. Old boxes, bubble wrap or the 1” thick hard pink exterior insulation from HomeDepot or Lowes will work. Whatever packing you use. Make sure the motor is not free to slam around.

DO NOT use peanuts. Tape box securely making sure the bottom has lots of extra tape.
Email: for pictures how to box a block using HomeDepot goods. Even though we have most likely spoken I don’t want your order to be delayed because I didn’t remember something. Please include a piece of paper with the following info in the box.

Then email me, the same info.
1) your name
2) return address
3) e-mail address
4) phone number
5) Paypal email (if you do not have a PayPal account you can send a money order/cert check) 6) services requested

Ship to:
CNC Werx
63 Route 125 Unit4
Kingston, NH 03848

GUARANTEE: If you crack a sleeve within 1yr at or under 500wHP. We will reimburse the full price of the CSS process. Guarantee rules: 1) Customer must provide CNCWerx with the vehicles set-up, a dyno sheet and tuner info. 2) Guarantee does not cover cracked sleeves due to catastrophic failure (i.e. dropped valve, broken rod ect) 3) Guarantee covers the original owner and is not transferable.

Contact: – (978) 337-3234